My grief

I have joined this site as I am beside myself with grief having lost my husband this month. He was my best friend and soulmate and don’t know how I am going to cope without him.

Hi Franny, I do hope you get some comfort from this site, there are so many people on here who have gone through what you are going through just now, including myself, I lost my husband to cancer after a very short illness, we had been married for 40 years, and when he died I was bereft, I got through it with the help of very good friends and family, my dogs made me get out of bed in the morning and gave me some reason to carry on, I hope you have some support, you could contact Cruse Bereavement Care or talk to your Gp, there is help if you need it, take a day at a time and it will get easier, sending love Jude xx

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Hi try and get as much help as you can
My husband died December the 5th
Due to Covid
I struggle every min off the day not sure how I get thru a day xxx

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I am so sorry for your loss too and not sure how I get through the day either x x

So hard when Andy passed I went with him
My body here but my heart went with him
I don’t want to be in are home anymore as it was ours
Feel so lost xx

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I know exactly how you feel xxxxx

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Franny,so sorry for your loss,

I just get through each day for the sake of my 14 year old son,since losing my dear Mum in 2017,and my Dad in 2019,this site has helped me pass the time,and make me realize i am not the only one going through the loss and grief.


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Hi Franny
So sorry for your lose and pray you find the strength you need to get through what you are having to deal with.

Lost my mum in August and my my wife a couple months ago and understand everyone’s emotions and pains are different. But if it’s any help I find talking to people we don’t know expresses our inner feelings more which kind of so to speak take a little of the pain away from time to time.
Best wishes D

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I too know exactly how you feel. I lost my partner 12 weeks ago from COVID he was 50 we were together 37 years and he was my everything as the last 3 years I had been his career . Just feel so lost and empty now and it’s not getting any easier. Can’t see a way forward. Love to you all :heart:

It’s just so hard to see a way through :heart:

Hi all I feel the same cant be bothered with anything or anyone
Struggling every day
Had to empty my husband car today as it being sold tomorrow
Been in bed since 330 drinking
Hope to block the pain out tonight
Then tomorrow another day without Andy
Killing me xx


So sorry to read this. That is exactly how I feel he was my world and we were together 24/7 . Thinking of you x

@franny I’m so sorry for your loss.

I lost my husband 4 weeks ago on Christmas Eve 2020. I’m like you and so are the others on this site. Keep talking, get counselling and be kind to yourself.
You are in my thoughts and prayers xx