My heart is in bits

My husband had been living with cancer for 5 1/2 years but died suddenly & unexpectedly 6 weeks ago - he was my soul mate & best friend - we’d been together 16 years - he was only 48 - I’ve been so strong but now find myself getting more emotional each day - it’s my birthday tomorrow & a meal is planned with daughters & family - what’s happy about it ? - the pain is getting worse - I still think he’s going to come back to me - worse breakdown ever tonight feels like my heart has been ripped from my chest - xx

I feel exactly the same way. I went to the doctors yesterday. Music was playing on the waiting room radio by the time I got to see the doctor I was in bits. Would I do anything silly no. But not to wake up would be a blessing. The feeling my wife is coming back is the same. Never felt so lonely in my life

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Hi I understand how you are feeling. I lost my partner suddenly in May he was only 48 I feel I’ve lost a limb I want my old life back I have 2 sons who keep me going. I miss him so much the grief is torture this site is helping me.
Take care
Christine x

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