My Husband has passed away

On Monday the 14/12/20 my wonderful husband passed away he had early onset dementia and had declined rapidly over the last few months, he was only 61 myself and my son and daughter were looking after him at home and we were all there with him when he passed away. Although we new that one day soon we would lose him it doesn’t make it any easier, we were married for 42 years and he was my best friend and soul mate, I can’t stop crying I know he is at peace now and the dementia can’t torment him but I miss him dearly and I’m not looking forward to Christmas at all.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could say something to make it better, but there are justvno words. It is 11 months since my lovely husband Graham died and it is so hard. I don’t post often on this site but I do read those of others and it helps, although it is so sad that we are all in this sad place where none of us want to be. I hope you get some comfort from the words of others.

Thankyou and sorry for your loss, I do feel it helps to talk to people who understand what I’m going through I know we all grieve in a different way but just having someone to have contact with is a great comfort.

@Dream very sorry that your soulmate is not there where he belongs with you and that you all had to endure this. It is truly terrible. Keep breathing and know you are not alone. I feel hopeless, lost, terrified and bereft in every way without my husband. Sometimes reading and writing in here keeps me going through the dark lonely path.