my kevin. miss you

Lost my partner of 19yrs in feb 14th. still don’t know what the cause was! tragic and sudden. Don’t know how to feel



I lost by husband of 33 years 22nd March . It’s so difficult & the emotions are so overwhelming. I still sit and shake my head and think how can a normal evening end up like it did and he be taken just like that ?! :broken_heart::broken_heart:. Was also sudden , no warning , nothing . :cry::sleepy:

Sending hugs xxx


I’m sorry you’ve had to join this forum. It’s hard to know what to feel as this is, for most of us, the first time we are feeling these emotions. Our brain can’t compute what the hell is going on so will flood it with what it thinks we need and we are struck dumb until it can start to process it.

It early days for you and there is a lot of emotions you have been through and will still need to go through.

Take a step at time, those steps become hours and then weeks. Allow yourself to feel each step. Do what you need to do, scream, shout when overwhelmed.

We are all here on this forum to help and listen, no one judges you and you can say what you want.

Take care, small steps!


I’m so sorry for your loss. yes i do the same thing shake my head like i’m in a dream or daily asking myself this can’t be real. we flew out abroad to bury his dad on the 28th january and arrived back home on the 5th feb and he was dead by the 14th! started to vomit which we though was a sickness bug and went into hospital on the 9th.

i’ve had to use a reparation service to send him home and go back abroad for his funeral that was on the 22nd of april. it’s just so unreal i’m still in shock.

i’m scared if this is how i’m going to feel for the rest of my life!