My late hubbys flowers from spring 🌻

My hubby died in july…he loved sunflowers and roses…they cheer me up and make me smile everytime i look through the window…a few of his flowers that are still in full bloom now.


So sorry to hear you lost your husband in July, such early days for you.
Thank you for sharing those beautiful photographs, such wonderful memories for you of his ‘green fingers’.
Take care.


Yes nice photos. I been seeing the things growing my f

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Sorry it popped off before ended the sentence. Meant seeing plants my hubby planted blooming sets me off too sometimes


What lovely pictures. The roses are beautiful. It must be a comfort to look at them and remember him.


@Pudding01 How lovely! Such beautiful flowers. J x

@Pudding01 they are beautiful

They are beautiful flowers, my husband loved flowers too. Sunflowers have a special meaning for our family and the kids with my husband. They bring a smile. I hope you’re doing ok, flowers bring sunshine, sunshine is warmth and like that it feels like a hug, take care x

I :heart: the tricycle. Really beautiful

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Sunflowers make me think of my husband they always remind me of holidays in france.

I was so pleased when the sun flowers came out. I have been sad though as it reminds me this time last year my husband was on the journey to the end of his life when all his hopes were getting dashed as nothing was working and he just got weaker and weaker. I look at the flowers and think of this time last year when he sat and looked at them and I felt so glad as always for them but he knew he didn’t think he would make it to this year.

Absolutely beautiful flowers beautiful reminder of your husband.

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