My late mum's passing away

I know I have posted on here before but since I lost my mum on the 3rd March 2020 after she suffered from a massive stroke and never regained consciousness. I have really been struggling with my health conditions and I wish she was still here so that I could talk to her about my problems.
Lately I have been suffering from severe pain in my left shoulder which I got diagnosed with back in April 2021 it is ACJ OSTEOARTHRITIS AND OSTEOPHYTE. The pain got so bad on Saturday that I had to call 999 for an ambulance and spent the night in my local A&E. I have since speaking to the out of hours doctor yesterday I was prescribed a liquid morphine for the pain.
I just wish she was still with me so I could talk to her as I am feeling so down with depression and not knowing where to turn to for help. I just want to meet people in person to speak to.

Hi Steve, it’s awful being in pain and feeling unwell, I think everybody wants their Mum at times like that, hopefully the pain killers are beginning to work and you are feeling a bit better now, have you had counselling? I think face to face consultations are starting to happen again, you can either go through sue Ryder, Cruse or even get in touch with your GP who should be able to refer you to somebody local under the NHS, sending hugs Jude x