My little boy

My 3 year old son passed away 2 years ago in a tragic car accident. The pain! This horrible pain i live with is so unbearable! I feel trapped in my own body, i miss the person i was before my son died. I am so alone. I am here but i am not. I am lost even though i am in my own home. I am getting the support i need but nothing is helping. Today is a really hard day! I am so exhausted i haven’t left bed all day. The pain within my heart is worse than any other pain i have ever felt in my entire life. What have i done to deserve this. My child was so beautiful, so so loved! So very loved! And still very much loved. I just want him back.


Hi mummytoanangel
So so sorry for your loss I lost my daughter 5 months ago age 7. I feel your pain it’s like we are here in person we can be seen and heard but you don’t feel present. Every day is is a struggle for me and I’m trying to take a day at a time if you need to stay in bed in all day don’t beat yourself up and do what you need to do that’s what I’m trying to do sorry I can’t offer more comforting words x


I have asked myself the same question over and over why did this happen why why why ? A daughter so loved so wanted so happy. I don’t know how I lost my daughter
I try not to think about the why anymore because it’s just too painful and everyday is harder because you just miss them so much and all you want is to wake up from the nightmare your in I don’t know what I’m trying to say other than I understand your pain I wake up and just try to get through the day I’m in x

Hi @Nori firstly i am so sorry to hear about your little girl! :cry: i have come to learn that is world can be a cruel place. I currently feel i live in hell every day. My arms and my heart are just aching for my little boy. Every day is full of so many unanswered questions. Days i could just sit and pull my hair because this horrendous pain that comes right from my broken heart. You probably feel the same way. :heart:

Hello @Moana i understand every word you have just said. That one question why… and we can’t get an answer for. One day started out like any other day, ended in my worst nightmare. We were just coming home from softplay… i didn’t see what that one day that changed my life had in store of me. My heart and arms are aching for my child. :broken_heart:

I now look at the world different as I thought once I became a mummy I would always have her and every day I feel totally cheated and angry that she’s been taken. She came home from school unwell with a tummy bug 24 hours later we lost her.

I talk to her every day that seems to help a tiny bit wherever I am and prey she can hear me. It’s like our hearts have been ripped out smashed to smitherines and been put back in I don’t know how I get through the days I walk loads and try and distract myself best I can sometimes it’s possible and sometimes not.

I have read some people have found writing down there thoughts help I haven’t done this but im starting writing her poems and trying to make her things as she loved crafts and then I tell her all about it

You get through the day anyway you can x