My mam just died.

My mam has just died two days ago I can not cope its so hard and difficult someone please help me

Hi Deb im very sorry for your loss .Ill try and help 2 days into your nightmare is very recent to say the least what about visiting your gp re medication (it helps me ) .Take it day by day keep coming back here this special club never closes .I hope some other member reply to you Colin

I am here cos my mum just died today…she been very ill for long time,so knew it would happen at any time.
If you want someone to chat with at any time, I am here if I can give you any support.
I lost my partner ten or so years ago and did all wrong things to help myself, so I can defo help advise you what not to do.Think I’m expert re that.
I made my situ a lot harder . So healing was litterally non existent…for long long,time.
You need to find ways to look after yourself and allow your body and mind to heal.
I have plenty suggestions if you like to discuss ?
Take care of yourself. Send you hope and blessings .

Hi Deb
I lost my mum in February 2017 so I probably know how you feel. Sometimes it feels like you’re having to bear the unbearable. You sound absolutely devastated so I admire you for having loved your mum so much. I don’t think there’s much you can do, but there’s nothing to be lost by talking to your GP. I am on anti-depressants and they do help. At least this forum lets you know there are other people in the same boat.

Sorry to hear this, I lost mine Dec 12th, so know exactly how you feel, Keep on here - I’ve found it very supportive over the past 4 weeks. Can’t believe it’ll be a month Friday. Heart breaking but believe me you will cope - I am and I never thought it would be possible and that I’d ever see the light of day. I knew something would happen and have done so much grieving over the past two years so not sure if a similar circumstance but am thinking of you and know how you feel. x

My mam passed on 29/12/2017 suddenly I’m heartbroken we nearly lost her 2wks befor to underline copd she pulled through had Christmas Day was really good the dad found her dead in bed can’t understand it how she was so well then this happened.

Sorry to hear that Tracey, that was the day of my mums funeral and shebyoonpeakef just before she passed on 12th Dec. Heartbreaking isn’t it x

It certainly is we say goodbye today it’s going to hard. Sorry for your loss x

Hi Tracey,
I hope you got through today, I bet you can’t believe you have made it through but you have. I honestly couldn’t see his I was going to get through that day on 29th but I did. And I’m still here one month on.
Stay strong and tomorrow will be tough for you, but I did feel better the second day after the funeral. X

Hi Lucy
Got through the day don’t know how but I did it Mam would of been proud it is hard but like you said we all get through it some how don’t we xx

Hi Tracey,
Well- well done as you can’t ever imagine you will make it through the day but you did. I’m sure our mums would be proud. The 12th & the 29th two days I’ll not forget and the same for you sadly. Hope you were ok yesterday- I found the day after the funeral awful-l didn’t even get up until midday. The next day I was a bit more with it but god what a few weeks. Hope you’re doing ok x

Hi Lucy
Yes I was same the day after feel a bit more normal now dad went back home yesterday I worry so much about him it’s awful isn’t it we only lost my husband dad in November so it’s been a tough few months hope your feeling ok we are stronger then we think xxx