My mum died 4 weeks ago

Hi everyone my mum died suddenly 4 weeks ago she was only 69 and it was such a shock.
I feel broken and can’t face carrying on life without plus all the family are arguing since she has gone which has divided the family and I feel so angry with everyone.
I have not had much support from family or friends and feel so alone

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I’m so sorry to hear that your mum has died and that you feel so alone. A loved ones passing can upset families in so many ways, I hope yours settles down and feel more able to support you.
You can count on us here for support too so I hope you will post again and allow us to do that for you.
Big hugs x

Thanks very much it means so much to see other people who are going through this and that they actually understand xxxx

Sorry for your loss. I understand what you are going through. I lost my mom to a sudden cardiac arrest two months ago. She was only 58 and had no health ailments.
I am still in shock and don’t want to believe that she is gone. I am lost. Totally lost. I want to die but I can’t cause any self harm because my dad won’t be able to handle that and my mom has made me, I don’t want to disrespect that.
Do you have anyone in the family who you can talk to? I would recommend going to grief therapy. It has helped me a lot. I would also recommend talking on this group. There are so many people going through similar loss and it helps to know you are not the only one life has been unfair to. There is a category here 'loss of a parent", you can select that and read existing posts and comment on those.
Please take care. Remember you mom gave birth to you. You need to respect that. She is still with you. She is always going to be around you.