My mum died today

I lost my mum today at 3.30pm. I.was with her. I’m so confused right now and it feels unreal

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Hi Sandie.
Im so so sorry for your loss
Thinking of you :heart: X

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Hi sandie,

I’m sorry to hear about your mum. It wont feel real for a long time.
Be kind to yourself in these first hours,days and weeks.
I lost my mum very suddenly last June and I’m still struggling to accept it.
Cheryl x

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Hi. Sandie. Unreality is very common in loss. We feel in a dream. We will wake up we say, but sadly we don’t. It’s so little time to say anything. Your pain will override any suggestions or advice. It’s something so many on here have suffered, some loved one passing in their arms. It’s about the worse emotional feeling anyone can have.
Please come back and talk if you feel up to it. I found a lot of support here and I have been greatly helped.
Take care of yourself. Blessings. John.


Hi sandie, I am so sorry for your loss, everything will be a blur and the feeling of emptiness will consume you. I know when I lost my mum in January the first 2 or 3 days were just raw stomach churning grief. My heart goes out to you as will everyone on this site as we all understand the feelings you will experience. There are no words at this terrible time.
With love Mary

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Hi Sandie, I feel your pain. I lost my mum on the same day as you. She left suddenly and unexpectedly, with no previous health conditions. She was young and healthy. Incredibly beautiful inside and out. I don’t know how to cope. The void in my heart is so painful. Here if you need to talk. Lots of love

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Hi @sanjab, I noticed this was your first post, and I just wanted to say I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your mum so suddenly - it sounds as though it was a huge shock. It is very early days for you and many people say all you can do at this stage is take things day by day or even hour by hour.

It’s important to have outlets for your emotions, so I’m glad you’ve felt able to write down a little of how you are feeling here. As you have seen from reading other people’s posts, you are not alone on this site. Sorry to see that you didn’t get any replies to your post - you have posted this as a reply to someone else, but you might also wish to try starting a new conversation yourself, as this often leads to more replies. How to start a new conversation.

Hi sanjab. Sorry about the delay in answering. It’s difficult to keep up with new posts. I too am so sorry to hear about your grief and loss. Sudden loss is so often the worst of all. It is arguable, but if someone is ill for a time we can often prepare ourselves for the shock. Sudden death gives no chance of mental preparation. It’s still awful however anyone goes, and prepared or not it hurts, and hurts badly.
The word ‘void’ amply sums up how we all feel, a big emptiness. It’s very early days for you to think about recovery so try and accept how you feel and allow emotions to come. It’s nature’s was to relieve stress if only a little.
I wish we none of us were here, but being here does take the edge off the pain, at least I have found it so. Come back and talk whenever, we are all good listeners and you can help others in this difficult time.
Take care of yourself. Try and eat as well as you can and sleep if that’s possible. It’s so easy to neglect ourselves when grieving. Blessings.

Thank you for your kind words

thank you for your kind words too