My mum my world

I lost my mum in April 2020 during the height of the pandemic. She suffered from raynauds and scleroderma. Over the past few years her conditioned worsened but we had no idea that it was this bad. She was taken into hospital on her own due to covid rules, she hated hospitals, they scared her. We would take it in turns to ring her, me and my sisters. After 2 days in, we had a call to say she passed away. All I remember is screaming when my sister told me. We couldn’t see her for weeks due to the hospital not signing her certificate, we finally got to see her at the funeral home, and carried out the religious stuff needed. It’s been nearly 2 years since she passed, and it’s just getting harder and harder. I miss her so much. My life has literally fallen apart without her and the ooh thing keeping me going is my girls.

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I am sorry for your loss. It’s been only a month I lost my mom and with every passing day I have realized that time doesn’t heal anything. It’s almost 2 years for you and I can understand why it is difficult it’s so unfortunate that you were not able to see her and be with her in her last moments. It must be difficult then and now. As you said you have to keep going for your daughters but also know that you have to keep going for your mom as well. She wants you to. She is still around you.
Please know that you are not alone. Everyone here is going through something similar. Please reach out if you would like to talk.
Take care!

Thank you so much. So sorry about your mum too.
I really am struggling so much. Just after she passed, I had a dream about her, and it felt so real, I woke up crying, she was in a white room, on what was like a hospital bed, holding a baby, all dressed in white and I asked her why she went and she said what could she do, she was in so much pain she could have shot herself.
A lot of people in my family believe it was mum coming back to me, they believe when someone passes, they come to see you once. But I don’t know what to believe. I’m not a religious person, but my mum was. I don’t want to dream about her. I want to see her in person really, I want to know that she’s no longer in any pain. I need proof. I just feel like I can’t rest until I know and I also know I won’t get any answers. I really do feel like I falling apart piece by piece. I feel I can’t talk to my family too much as they get very upset too. I’m just so lost

I understand. My mom came to my dreams for the first 10 days. It felt so real. I had given up on eating when jt happened and in the dream she was making me eat. Everyone says she was giving me a message. Every day I got some message. Then it stopped for 10-15 days. I was very upset as I wanted her in my dreams. It started last week again. I always get positive dreams and she is in everyone.
I read they visit you in your dreams and there will be a gap in between when they won’t visit and then they return. I also wake up between 2 to 4 am everyday and I read this is the time the loved ones come to visit us.
I never believed in it or I was rather neutral but I have read so many articles and posts on this site about people connecting with their loved ones via medium. I also watched several YouTube videos and I have started believing in it. I am planning to go to a medium at some point to connect with her. I think science cannot prove it and therefore people don’t believe it. Right now it brings me comfort knowing that there is a chance I will connect with her. You should look up 'psychic medium’s on this site. People have shared their experiences and they all are positive and believable .
Also please keep posting here. It helps a little. At this point you need whatever help you can get. It’s the worst pain possible and the one person who always helps in these difficult situations is not there anymore.
Take care and hugs!

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