My mum passing away

I’m not sure how to start, but I’m now having to learn to carry on my life without my mum who passed away in the early hours on the 5th December this year and I know its still early days but it’s so hard. This is now my 3rd family bereavement- my step dad died in June 2006 and then my grandad in 2014 but this 3rd one has knocked me so much cos I was very close to my mum as was my son who is 1st grandchild. At one stage in our life me and my mum lived next door to each other until she had to move away. Mum unfortunately became poorly quite quickly and died from pancreatic cancer after nearly 2 weeks of it being diagnosed. The doctors started her on treatment but unfortunately her liver and kidneys had started to fail and we were told that there was nothing more they could do. It was horrible hearing that news. We as a family were able to have unlimited visiting but unfortunately with it being the early hours of the morning she passed away alone. I am going to miss her so much and I can’t stop crying, I’m crying now as I type this.
Thanks for reading x


Hi Tracey,
Your post hits close to home for me, my mum passed from pancreatic cancer around 5/6 years ago.
I wanted you to know that if you need to chat to someone then you can chat to me. Christmas is the worst time of year for me since she passed, and if I can help someone similarly suffering then I will.
Take care

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Sorry Tracey14 for your heartbreaking loss. I lost my mum on 9th December. I’m still trying to work things through. She had Alzheimer’s but it was a fairly sudden loss in the end in an atrocious hospital environment. I wish I had some wiser words but had to acknowledge your post out of compassion. Take good care.


Hello my friends I can relate to all of your pain .
I lost mum just this Christmas Day she died in hospital . She battled a long illness of lung fibrous and hear failure .I’m sorry for your losses .
Mum died very sudden I was only talking to her on Christmas morning but the afternoon she had passed away . Please feel free to message . We can all be here for each other x

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