My mum

On Monday is mum’s birthday, this will be the first one since I lost her in January suddenly.
I am dreading the day I am not sleeping and she is constantly on my mind.
How am I going to get through the day.

@Marie8 hi, my dad died a week before his Birthday in March. It was hard but we made a bit of a low key effort. He always loved coffee so I bought a costa took it home & toasted him. Simple gestures are the best. Perhaps you could find a way of remembering your mum that is meaningful on her Birthday. X

Yes I can definitely do that, I will start making a plan instead of trying to hide myself away
Thank you
Cee x

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Lets make it a thing to still celebrate their birthdays! I can get behind that.
Will be my mums birthday next month to :heart:

It’s my mums birthday on Tuesday and I feel like we should somehow celebrate but at the same time I’m terrified that it’s too upsetting for my dad.
I’m feeling guilty already as she had a direct cremation as that was what she wanted and she also saved us all from being tortured at a funeral. We buried her ashes at the garden of remembrance but other than that i feel like we have washed our hands of her. Even though we all find it easier to just keep moving and not think too deeply.
I think I’ll just take some flowers up to the garden of remembrance on her birthday.

I’m dreading the next Mother’s Day more than her birthday. I think it’s because everyone will be celebrating together on Mother’s Day and I’ll be all resentful towards people who still have their mothers.


My mum passed a week before mothers day and felt like I was living a nightmare on the day, just awful :confounded:

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@Jess1 hope you’re ok Jess, been thinking about you and wondering how you’re getting on since reading your posts. I have recently lost my mum too, so am here if you want to talk x

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