My Mum

I lost my mum on 09/05/17 to cancer which was misdiagnosed twice. I have just started in the mental health sector, but due to ethical reasons i am unable to speak with anyone. I just need someone to chat to, who can maybe relate. She was my bestfriend and we literally done everything together. Even a year later i find myself about to go and ‘text’ her and stop myself because in a split second i forget what has happened and then reality sets back in. I am angry mostly, i never grieved - i never had time to. Just wish she was here…

Hi LilySS,

I am sorry that your lost your precious Mum. Have you approached a hospice for counselling? I’m not sure why you can’t speak with anyone. It’s important for you to feel supported. I lost my Dad 11 months ago and had counselling for nearly a year, it really helped.

I hope you can find some support. I know on this website they do free counselling by video chat - maybe that’s an option for you?

Sending love x