My mum

Hi i lost my mum on 20th january. I was with her hokding her hand when she passed. Im totally lost. My heart hurts so much its so painful. I also feel empty ive got nothing to give people. Im just going to work being like a robot come home dont really talk to my husband bless him i just go to bed. Im so so sad a d feel i have nothing. Mum was my everything and i just do t k ow what to do now


@Julieann1970 Sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my mum on 5th February. Tomorrow is her funeral. I’m dreading it. I feel her in the flat, feel like she will just walk in. I feel so alone. People I considered close friends are not really in touch with me. And I don’t want to be left alobe, but I am. I have my husband and children. But I’m putting a brave face on for them while inside I’m screaming and my heart is broken. I know how you feel. Sending you warmest hugs xx

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Thankyou ola. Thats exactly what im doing putting on a brave face but screaming away inside. I also feel so very alone. All i can say for tomorrow is breathe slowly , be how u want to be, let your emotions be. I carried my mum in with the pall bearers it was such an honour to do this for her. So sorry for your loss i know how you feel always here xxx


@Julieann1970 thank you. My anxiety is raising by minute… In a way I’m glad its tomorrow cos this waiting is killing me. I’ve watched her suffer in ITU for 7 weeks, I’m so exhausted… Hope we both get some relief from this pain xxx