My Mum's funeral tomorrow

Im in a state about her funeral tomorrow. Im a bit preoccipied with worrying that Ill just be a sobbing mess. People have told me that its ok for me to cry.
I know Ill break down when I see the coffin.
It will be a relief when its over but Im also worried itll trigger a deeper sense of loss, as the reality of the finality will have set in more.
My stomach is churning.
Just needed to share with people who probably understand.
Mazza x


I had all the same thoughts before my mums. My mum didn’t leave any instructions and all the decisions were down to me so I was also worried about her send off and if she would approve of how I did things.
I was a sobbing mess when the car and her coffin arrived and at certain times during the service. People know that you are grieving and that it’s a difficult day so you just do what you can to get through it they understand.
The day after it’s strange to, I felt lost as it felt so final now that the funeral was over.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow as have been there and its not easy but you take care and please don’t worry about what anyone else is thinking.
Valda xx

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Thank you Valda
Thats really useful info and thanks for thinking of me. Im expecting to feel terrible on Tues as like others, I feel so lost without her.
Mazza x

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