My nephew

Im really struggling to deal witj the sudden death of my nephew. I hate seeing my sister so broken
Not only did he die he was living a secret life, he was addicted to cocaine we never knew. The last 6 months his health declined we got him help for his mental health, thats what we thought the problem was. He really wanted to get help. He wanted to be well , we didnt see the real problem. On Wednesday,a week ago today he took his last hit and it killed him. He had everything a lovely brand new house a buisness he loved a beautiful wife and a daughter that was 2 years old. Why on earth did this happen
I just hurt so much but my tears have dried up and im in a funny “zone” i just dont know what’s happening to me ive never felt grief like this

GAF they say cocaine is ‘a hell of a drug’ and I’ve seen the damage it can do.

My cousin is still with us but has ruined his life and relationships, culminating in a 4th attempt to take his own life recently which hospitalised him. He too has a business which has gone down the toilet with his drug debts. I don’t think he’s ever going to climb out of the hole he’s in.

I understand your pain and sympathise with you & your sister. A 2 year old losing her daddy is so wrong.