my older sister

on june 11th 2023 my sister passed away. she attempted suicide on the 7th of june 2023 and unfortunately she didn’t survive​:disappointed:it doesn’t feel real as it happened so fast and she’s my older sister i just wish she was here with me now. i miss her so much and i wish i could share some of my achievements i’ve made these past few months as she was my biggest supporter :frowning:


Hi Casey
Im so sorry to hear your story …i lost my older sister to cancer 3 yrs ago and i still struggle daily with her loss with her it wasnt so fast she was diagnosed in june and died in the oct but j spoke to her the evening before and all was normal maybe we could talk and try and get through these awful losses

hi, i’m sorry to hear that aswell😞it’s so heartbreaking losing a sibling wether you was prepared for it or not. and yeah we can talk if you want to! what was your sister like? what was she into? what made her happy? her favourite animal? xx

Hi my sister was warm caring loving she had a dog …i still have the same dog with me she loved to party and to live life to the full she loved corfu and would dance whenever she got the chance she included me in everything even dates with her bf she would ask me to give them a couple of hrs and then join them apart from work we were inseparable how about you and your sibling

awh i love that☹️and my sister she would always light up the room she was really hypo and had a lot of energy😂she loved animals and was actually doing an animal course in college. she has a son my nephew and he was her world he’s 9 in january bless him. she was my biggest supporter and would always be there for me if i needed her.

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Yeah i know how you feel it seems always the case of the best leave us way to early you have a living reminde as i do with her dog