My partner died in a road accident 8wks after giving birth

It’s been 5 months since my partner, soulmate, love of my life and the father to our beautiful baby girl died suddenly in a road accident. I’m really struggling to accept he’s gone and be strong for our baby girl and also his other children he had from a previous relationship. It’s so hard to explain the pain I feel to friends, family as they’ve never been through what I’m going through. I also feel guilt because he had asked myself and our little girl to go with him for a ride that day and I can’t help but think if I had, maybe he would still be here. I feel broken, we had so much to look forward to, my heartbreaks to know my now 7 month old little will never remember her Daddy as she only got to spend 8 weeks with him. If I didn’t have her, I know I wouldn’t be here myself. She’s the reason I wake up everyday but how am I meant to be the best mum to her when I feel like this. I just want him back. We were together 10 years ago for a short while before I decided to end things as I was unsure what I wanted, we went our separate ways but I never stopped thinking of him and I know he didn’t with me. He got back in touch with me 2 years ago and we got back together and were so happy, we spent all our time together when we weren’t working and spend the weekends as a family doing fun things with his other 2 children who are just 4 & 5 yrs old then we discussed children together and were over the moon when we found out we were expecting our first child together. It was the best day of my life when our little girl was born, Lee even told me he wanted another child not long after. He was the best Dad and would do anything for any of his children then all of a sudden in the blink of an eye, he was gone and our fairy tail and happily ever after had ended! Why did this have to happen? Why us? My life will never be the same again and I don’t know how to deal with life without him. I feel so lonely and sad. Everytime I close my eyes I keep seeing his lifeless body and it hurts so much. How will I ever get through this??


You will get through this I’m married my soulmate Brian when I was 19 we have been married for 30 years this past sept 5th, we have 3 girls and he was our world . Only 50 and healthy one moment and then had a massive heart attack here at home in my arms and he was gone this happened on Oct 10th . I m going through all the e emotions and have thought I won’t be able to survive this but we will and I have the hope we are going to be with them again when our journey is done HOLD on my friend , Jenny


Hi Gemma so very sorry for your devastating loss.Life is so cruel it really is.Going over things in your mind and what ifs seems to be a normal part of grieving along with picturing their last moments.I am a widow and also lost my only child earlier this year.I picture his last time in hospital over and over again.I am so thankful I was with him when he passed and I realise that you werent with him is hard. I have no other children but can only say to you you will cope you have to for the sake of your little baby and your partners 2 little ones they will need you as you will need them and they were a part of your partner and he will be with you through them.I am not saying times a healer but feel sure you will learn to get through each day and the pleasure the little ones will give will meaning to carry on.My best wishes to


Thank you both so much, I’m so sorry for both of your loses too. Getting through eachday is such a struggle, watching people get on with their lives when my worlds fallen apart, I feel jealous of everyone because they have what I lost. I’m so glad Lee give me the most precious gift of our baby girl before he died, I truly believe she is the reason I’m still alive. I’m dreading Xmas coming up and January was our birthdays, mine was 9th his was the 10th, how am I ever meant to celebrate things like that again when he’s not here with me. Xx


I can relate to you so much, I lost my soul mate 8months ago when our son was only 8 weeks old, we also have a now almost 3 year old and he has 2 from a previous relationship, life is impossible right now,I don’t feel like iv lived since that day I only exist for the sake of our children. I don’t understand why this happened to us why we didn’t deserve the happily ever after we both finally got with each other, just so lonely without him