My petet

My darling husband went to work and died. I had the thing you see on telly, were the two coppers turn up . He has four grown up kids with his first wife, who seem intent on running me into the ground.
Been called a tramp, a slag. 40 mins after Pete’s cremation his youngest son kicked through a6ft gate and stole things. On the day I should have been thinking about the man I love, I was having to give a statement to the police.
There’s not a second of the day goes were I don’t think about him or miss him. Got an urn to put him in today. It’s rather beautiful. Made a total balls up of transferring the ashes.
Total mess


I am so sorry, you are still in shock over the loss of your husband and having to cope with this as well, it’s so unfair.
I hope you have support from friends or relatives, you need someone to help you cope with his former family who seem to be very unkind to you.
Just take each day as it comes, and do whatever you feel like doing, be kind to yourself.
It is good that you have found comfort with the urn. I bet your husband would have laughed when you said you made a mess of transferring his ashes.
I send you peace and strength. xx