My Rory

I am utterly traumatised by the loss of my partner Rory from a severe stroke just a month ago. It was sudden and unexpected and I just cannot get my head around it. I miss him so much it is like a physical pain. I am struggling. I just want him back. I have no appetite and am not sleeping well.


I am so sorry to hear you have lost your partner Rory. I lost my husband Brian suddenly and unexpectedly just over 3 months ago and I can relate to the physical pain. It was more or less constant when I was at your stage but now it’s less frequent. I also didn’t eat or sleep very well but those things have improved although I eat comfort foods. You need to treat yourself gently and most importantly make sure you are drinking water as its easy to forget to drink and become dehydrated. Sending you a hug



Sorry for your loss Jeanette. I lost my partner of 30 years suddenly and unexpectedly nearly four weeks ago. It is his funeral on Friday. I think the shock is starting to wear off and the reality is starting to sink in. I am starting to sleep a little better than I did in the first couple of weeks but still not great. My daughter in law bought me a self care hamper which had a pillow spray. Not sure how much it has helped but might be worth trying one. Take care xx

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Thank you. His funeral has already happened. I am no longer expecting him to come in the door now but am still struggling to come to terms with life on my own. We did not have children and I have few friends in the local area.

Hoping a new future will emerge soon but still missing him badly.

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So sorry to hear about your loss Jeanette. Must be so hard when it is sudden. I was prepared for a long time but it was still hard. It is now over 10 months for me. I am finding a new normal though I am finding the long dark nights difficult. I have now booked a cruise to the Northern Lights in February with a friend and am going to Spain with my best friend next Summer. However though I knew he wanted me to live my life to the full the little guilt demon is there at the back of my mind. Do you have a pet. I am not suggesting it is a replacement but they can be good company and lend a non judgemental ear to you. I have had a rescue cat for five years and it is as though he understands. As soon as I go to bed he cuddles up to me on the bed and is always by my side. My coincidence he is called Rory. Take care and look after yourself.


Thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes I have my adorable cat Sammi, I think she misses him too. Sorry for the loss of your Rory and glad you are finding a way through. I agree about the dark nights.

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It is my cuddly cat who is Rory. My husband was Graham. Take care and continue to take comfort from Sammi. They do seem to know. xx

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Sorry I misread that. And did you ever think that life is not worth living when your Graham went. Because I am nearly there now.

Hi I also lost my husband 3 months ago and suddenly.
I had a constant headache for almost 6 weeks and I felt as if my heart was physically aching.
I feel your pain.

So sorry to hear about your sad loss. I lost a stone in two weeks, and six months on still struggle with sleep, so I know what this is like. I focus on caring for our son; if he wasn’t here I am not sure how I would go forward. I have to admit to telling my wonderful man to move over so I can join him sometimes, when I visit his grave. I think I would maybe copy my grandmother, who lost my grandfather to a sudden heart attack, and go all out volunteering to keep me busy. I don’t know your circumstances, so it is hard, but we are all here to help each other through. Have you contacted the counselling service on here? Is there anyone who keeps in touch for support? Sending you the biggest of hugs

I am so sorry for your loss I feel completely lost and undescibable feelings run through my partner died last week.i pray you will find a comfort soon x

Thank you. I have no children and don’t know many people in the area, although I have good friends out there to talk to. I have been talking to a counsellor through work but I am not finding it helpful at all.

No, I have never felt my life ia not worth living as I have a wonderful family and three grandchildren who I adore. I will look forward to and enjoy my holidays because I know Graham will be there with me in my heart. I will have him with me in a different way.