My sad loss

I lost my partner Chris to suicide just over a week ago. The pain and isolation I’m feeling is immense. The family have blamed for his death and stopped me attending his funeral.
I did everything I possibly could do to help Chris , his own family hardly had any contact with him do he only had me in his life.
After trying times we had a recent one week spilt, during this time he sadly killed himself.
The family are feeling guilty so they have decided to shift the blame to me.
I’m struggling with this so much


Hello @Kazza1234, thank you for reaching out to us. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your partner, and how you have been treated by the family in the aftermath. Unfortunately, when someone dies by suicide, there can be blame due to the shock and trauma of it. I really hope you will explore some of the options below as you deserve help and support.

I am very sorry you weren’t able to attend the funeral and say goodbye. You might be looking for some ways you can say goodbye to and reminder Chris. Our Grief Guide has tools such as journaling and a memory box which you might find helpful. You can also sign up to our free Grief Coach text service, which sends personalised messages to help you through your grief.

Some of our members have also lost their partners by suicide - I wanted to share a few threads with you which you might relate to:

I hope these suggestions are helpful and that you find our community to be a support to you. You are not alone,

Take care

Many thanks