My son refuses to talk about his father

My husband, Ian, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly 7 months ago. I’m struggling to accept what has happened and just feel so numb.

My daughter is so supportive and is always happy to chat about her dad. My son, on the other hand, won’t talk about Ian at all. He hasn’t really since the funeral. My counsellor has told me not to force it as it is his way of coping.

I’m staying with my son and his family over Christmas and it has been so hard not to talk about Ian. I feel I have to hide my feelings and just let the tears flow in the privacy of my own room or out when I’m walking their dog.

It’s so kind of them to let me stay with them and I have to smile as my granddaughter is only three and a half. I just feel so sad that my son wont open up and at times, it’s as if Ian never existed.

I just feel so heartbroken and just want to curl up in a ball and disappear.

Julie x


It seems so sad that you can’t even mention Ian’s name. It’s good you are getting counselling, it sounds like your son could benefit from it too. Best wishes Trixie xx