My son

My son was stabbed to death 7 weeks ago.
Im not coping , i just dont know what to do


How awful. Unfortunately we are all part of a club no one wants to be part of. Nothing I can say will make your pain any less. When my husband died tragically last year I was all consumed by how horrendous I felt, my biggest fear was that I’d be like it forever. I’m only 7 months in but I do feel better than I did, I wish someone would have told me that then. All people told me was how awful it is once the funeral is over. They are right, but I would have liked someone to have offered me some reassurance.

Your life will be very different from now on, you’ve had the worst thing that can happen to any parent happen but you can find support on here and just to be able to share how you’re feeling and hear from others who know what you’re going through, can make a huge difference. Xx


Hi @Bubbles1 . A great post by Kat. She said she wished someone had told her that things would improve, but they did. I can tell you the same. Its hard to believe when you start this journey, isn’t it!
After 7 months, I also felt like my new life had started, now after 12 months its pretty good, Im happy again, but of course its different. I never forget Penny, I still have little emotional teary spells, but I can now always think of her happily.
Try to be confident that the grief journey will end, making a plan of how you want this next chapter of your life to be, is a major step. This gives you something to work towards and feel a sense of achievement.
Good luck, you can do this!!!

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