My thoughts

Pauline my sweet beautiful angel I love you and miss you so very much my life has no meaning withoutyou my dreams my future have all been ripped away you were my everything our hearts and souls were joined as one and always will be the pain of your loss is so hard to put into words its devastatingly debilitating it consumes me but the love we shared was truly amazing beautiful it made me feel like I could walk on air you gave me the gift of love and I will hold that love within my heart for the rest of my life if somebody said to me you could go back and not feel this pain but you would never meet pauline and have the love you had I wouldn’t do it because you were my destiny that I’m sure of and the love we had and still have is my greatest treasure and you made my life complete I wouldn’t trade the years I had with you for anything what I’m trying to say to everyone who has lost a husband wife partner soulmate best friend our loss and pain are devastatingly heartbreaking but our love is the most pure and beautiful thing in the world I hope we can all find some moments of peace as we try to navigate our way in this journey of grief


So beautifully written Casey as always. You have such a way of expressing your love for Pauline. You are always in my thoughts and I feel your pain. I really do.xx

@Angiejo2 hi angiejo thankyou my grief counsellor suggested I write things down that I want to say to pauline i think it helps though it also hurts too she also suggested yesterday that I think about writing a letter to myself from pauline saying what I think she would say to me of course me being me I went and did it last night and when I did it made me cry its such a struggle everyday as we all know take care sending hugs and love x