My wife died after tragic accident

On the 5th of May 2020 my wife Charlotte, fell while in hospital, resulting in massive brain damage. She never regained consciousness and died on Friday the 8th of May. I am totally devastated. The pain I feel is tearing me apart. Because Charlottes death was an accident, it is going through the coroner. I don’t know how I’m going to cope. So much to take in and do. The grief is all consuming.

Mark, I am truly sorry for the loss of your wife. It’s only been two days so you will of course be suffering shock. As you say, there is so much to take in. Stop! Breathe!
Yes, grief is all consuming. I do understand the shock. My husband had a massive cardiac arrest coming up to three years ago. He suffered catastrophic brain damage and like your wife, never regained consciousness. All of it came out of nowhere. When I look back now, I think I was stunned. Our son moved in for a few weeks and we would sit in utter silence. After the funeral I moved into manic mode, constantly on the go, busy finishing things my husband had started. Panic and fear thrown in here and there. What would the future now hold for me? How can I move forward without my man? You will already recognise some of these feelings. It’s too early to tell you that you can do this thing called grief. It’s too early to tell you that you will cope. But I hope knowing you are not alone will give you some comfort Mark, because believe me you are not alone in your suffering. There are many beautiful people on this site, people who will understand, people who are going through the same sadness and grief. Reach out. Don’t try to go it alone. Take it slowly, very slowly. Sending you love at this difficult time. Xx

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I’m so sorry to see that you lost your wife just 2 days ago.
I think all you can do is take things your by hour and then day by day. The first days and weeks are so hard and you will be in shock while you deal with everything.
I took my mum to hospital last june for a day operation and asked the nurse to ring me when mum was ready to be collected. Two hours later I got a call to say that my mum had suffered a severe bleed on the brain out of the blue. She died a few hours later. The post mortem concluded that my mum had a spontaneous brain haemorrhage which would have happened if she had been sitting at home. I found this very hard to believe but have had no choice.
I am now able to take things day by day although the pain and shock is still very much present 10 months down the line.
Please lean on family and friends for support and also this site which has been such a comfort.
Thinking of you.

When someone dies it leaves so many emotions and when the circumstances are like you have experienced Mark61 it’s not surprising you are feeling overwhelmed …take each day moment by moment …seek out information when you are ready about the process of the coroner so when that time comes you will have an understanding of it all , …grief is all consuming but to deal with what’s to come you have to look after yourself too. Losing your Charlotte the way you have must be so hard …but keep reaching out to others when those feelings overwhelm you take care

I’m so sorry for your loss Mark that is devastating for you and your whole world has fallen apart, I lost my husband 7 hears ago and its coming to grips with your new life without your beloved wife, hope in time things will get better I joined the Way Up widow group and they were my saviour, at the start things look so black and trying to cope with everything and this will and does take time, I have a head injury due to an accident so my life has changed somewhat but do what I can not that you would notice, take care.

Hello Mark, my heart hurts for you and yes the stock and horror you feel will hurt so much. Welcome to this site and I know everyone will support you through this awful time and time to come. Your heart will feel broken and will take time to heal to any degree. Always think of what would Charlotte want you to do and I think the first thing is to look after yourself. Please take care of yourself. My prayers go with you. We are always here for you. Blessings S

You poor soul, I am so sorry to hear of your wife’s tragic death, it is bad enough when we lose our loved ones due to illness. Your wife’s and your’s is such a tragedy.

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