My wife died two weeks ago

My wife died two weeks ago in a nursing home from lung cancer, the funeral is next week neither my wife or myself have any family and I have no real friends I can turn to. Mornings are more than painful everything I see or do reminds me of my wife, tears don’t stop I don’t know how I can cope without her, we knew each other for over 40 years.


Peter I’m so sorry it’s hard it’s 17month for me and a don’t cry all day like I did but at least once a day but grieve is hard we’re here for you peter lv annie x

Hello Pete, I can hear your sadness and feel your pain. I know and understand the feeling of total devastation without that special person at your side and there are many on this community who know and feel the same feelings that you are going through. I am pleased you posted and hope just knowing you are not alone will give you strength and help you through the dark days.
Are lives are centred around one person who we love and can not think that they will not be there with us forever so when the unthinkable happens and we are alone, our world falls apart.
Please accept my blessing and the thought that you are now part of a community that cares about you. Don’t be hard on yourself, accept any help but most of all take care. My thoughts and blessings are with you. S xx

Thank you Annie11 and Susie123 for your posts knowing I am not alone helps but also makes me sorrowful for other people who have or will go through the loss of a partner.

We are in it together Pete we’re here for you lv annie

Yes Pete we are here for you. I lost my H twelve months ago and I cry at some point every day. He is always in my thoughts. I am trying to do little things but not going out very much. Yoga twice a week. I bumped into my old hairdresser from way back on the park. She has live just down the road for the last two years and I didn’t know. She says I can Bob in for coffee or she will come over to mine. I just can’t believe she lives so close. I won’t go to often as people sometimes offer out of politeness and I wound want to outstay my welcome. It’s so difficult because you want to talk about loved ones to keep them here but people get fed up of this. The trouble is our lives have stopped for now so there isn’t much to say. Just sadness x

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You have my Sincere Condolences :broken_heart:

I lost My Partner on April 2nd and left all alone now I am rowing that same boat as You Are.

I’m so Heartbroken ,Destroyed that I can’t function.

What indeed is the answer for us to carry on in Remembrance of “ Our” Great living with our Life’s Love. Until we meet again in the afterlife ?

:heart:‍:adhesive_bandage: Is so difficult!

I am also on my own. I lost my mom and dad some years ago and only child.

It is hard to be on ones own. very hard. I am very sorry for your loss.

I sit here tonight … on my own … you are not alone. :gift_heart:

Hi @Berit,

I see that you live in the USA. Isn’t technology amazing, that we can connect across the oceans. Your post reminded me of a thread that was on this site some time ago about ‘adult orphans’ where people talked about what it is like to have lost both parents. This is the link to it: Adult Orphan…
You are right, you are not alone. Welcome to this online community. xx Jo

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