My wife

Hello. I lost my wife suddenly two months ago and I have been diagnosed with phycotic dipression.

I am so sorry that you lost your wife suddenly. Last year, I lost my Mother suddenly too.
I hope that you are getting support from your GP regarding your health. People here understand how raw grief can feel.
Take care.

I am very sorry. How awful. Is there a post mortem or inquest? (I saw you don’t know how she died?)

My husband died of a shock heart attack Monday 19th Oct. Today I was told by a private counselling service that I have severe anxiety and severe depression and need to see a psychotherapist for PTSD and CBT (I was there and have flashbacks about my part in the death) as counselling cannot help me. I thought it is just normal to be grieving still as I don’t feel much time passed…

I don’t know what to say. Have they offered you any help and who told you this?

When our loveone died is a tremendous shock. Then numbness after the realisation hit and a wave of mixed feeling apparear suddenly. It is scary it feel like one is losing its mind.

Maybe is what you are experiencing?

Look after yourself xx

Hi Mojo,

Depression, flashbacks, PTSD can, as @FleurDeLis says, all be part of the process. The death of your wife sounds particularly traumatic. I live in East Yorkshire, and there are bereavement services at HRI that might be able to help.
I have heard that some people are very unhappy with local mental health services, on the other hand some get very good treatment.
All I can say is that you’ve done the right thing by reaching out to our gang here. Whatever you are going through, you’ll find someone else who is going through, or has just gone through, the same thing. I hope that in time we all will be able to help you.

Take care of yourself.

Christie xxx

I am so sorry for your situation mojo1 I at least was able to hold my wife’s hand as she died in July.
I am still a total mental wreck, crying most of the day, my GP has now started me on antidepressants.
The enormity of the loss of a spouse is unbearable.
I can’t think of anything helpful to say to you except perhaps to force yourself to eat enough to keep you going through all the ghastly stages we have to go through. I didn’t and it has effected my health
quite badly.
Talk to us here often, we are all going through the same hell and it does help to be aware of so many others sharing your pain.
As Christie has wisely told you, take care of yourself Mojo. Peter

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