My Wife's Journey

My wife past away at the beginning of November 5 years ago. the previous 2 years we didn’t know what hit us! I’ll keep it reasonably short. 2 years prior to her passing she was diagnosed with bowel cancer a common cancer but found in an unusual part of the bowel for it. All the usual chemo and radiotherapy and she beat the cancer! but had horrendous complications Operations into double figures culminating in a life or death 9 hour theatre time operation, she would have passed away within days without it how do you go to theatre knowing the odds are stacked well against you surviving . However she survived and what a truly emotional return to the ward all the nurses clapped her back onto the ward and tears were shed by all. anyway within a couple of days complications set in all feeling went from her legs they tried to stent both legs but were only successful with one she lost a leg above the knee within a day, and they also had to take some more off as it wouldn’t heal. She was by this point having to be fed liquid nutrition overnight via a Hickman line into her chest (a permanent tube into an artery/vein near her heart) the house looked like a hospital ward. She was transferring onto the toilet banged her remaining leg and it went gangrenous, she lost that leg fairly quickly after as well. Out of her last 2 years she spent 15 months in hospital including a single stay of 9 months, The Nhs were fantastic all through I’m still friends with some of the nurses that treated her. They say it gets easier hmnn I think about her and what she went through everyday I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. Theres so much more I could say but lets leave it at that. I am truly honoured that she chose me and I was her husband/partner/boyfriend for some 30 years RIP Kay you smiled through absolutely everything that was thrown at you. Love you always


Thank you Nori. Hope, let downs, hope again It takes it toll on all and I agree no one can truly understand unless they have been through it. Our kids try to keep me on the straight and narrow not always successfully i might add

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