National rememberance

I lost my mother to covid in April, we had a small funeral this Tuesday.
I think there should be some national remembrance for all those who have died of this nasty disease. I hate the fact that she was a number in a daily death tally and I am sure hundreds of people people feel this way too. This pandemic has devastated the world we once knew, all those that have died, wether or not they were key workers deserve to be remembered. Does anyone know how we can do this

Hi GrandmaAnnie, I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother.
I haven’t personally, lost anyone to this devastating virus but I’ve followed every single day since the start, and every day they announce the death toll it breaks my heart. I think of the families that have lost someone, a mother, father, grandparent, child and how these daily updates just make them sound like a number. It takes away who they were.
Have you thought about setting up a petition?

These are the current open petitions related to Covid-19. I’ve had a quick flick through but haven’t seen anything that you are looking to do, perhaps you could set one up? When the petition has received 10,000 signatures it is seen by government and discussed. The fact that there are 40 thousand + families that have lost someone to this virus, I’m pretty sure you could reach that.

Hope this helps
Take care x

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Hello Grandma Annie
I am so sorry that you have lost your mother.
This pandemic has taken so many lives and I agree that some kind of memorial would be very fitting…possibly something along the lines of an arboretum where people could go to reflect. Perhaps there should be more than one…each county could have a smaller version which would be accessible locally…there are all kinds of possibilities and perhaps you could approach a newspaper with your ideas and see if there is public support.
All of us on here carry our loved ones in our hearts…we honour their memory by living each day as best we can. During this lockdown there have been many initiatives to support lonely and vulnerable people and make society kinder and fairer…the best memorial to all those who have died and to their families who grieve would be if these acts of kindness were to become an ongoing part of the “new normal”…we owe it to them to make the world a better place.
Take care everyone x

First of all I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I too just lost mine during this epidemic but to cancer not covid. The effects of Covid made the situation regarding her health so much more difficult. It is so hard to lose anyone, but it is harder just now. You maybe need to find a way to mark her life and have a small ceromony later with family and friends, maybe like a park bench or something. Something that makes you feel better a way to keep her memory alive.
I think that a national day of rememberance would be a really good idea. It is so hard to lose someone at this time as it is much harder to get the comfort and support that you would normally recieve. I saw a park clapton common in london which had a large sign up outside a community centre and people were socially distance gathering at certain times to rember those they had lost. It said WE GRIEVE. They were doing building work at a cross religious community centre and they lost someone close to COVID and they painted the sign and people began to gather in a responsible way in their park. They posted the names of the people who died in their community and rang a bell for them. I wished when I read this that the sign or at least a better version of it could become permanent.

Take care of yourself. I hope you have some good people around you to support you in this time.

My partner died at 59 , 11 weeks ago and I am almost in disbelief at the experience I continue to go through. I hope things become more bearable. K

Thank you for your kind thoughts and I hope you find solace in your grief. It is perfectly normal for grief to come in waves. I am still grieving the loss of my dad although it was 6 and a half years ago but with the death of my mum it is also my dad I am grieving again. Things can set you off for years it is unfortunate but it is also very normal. Take care