Nearly 3 years in and it’s not getting any easier

I lost my husband in feb 21, I am really struggling with approaching Christmas and then the 3 year mark. I just feel so lost, I’m going to be 50 next year and I just don’t want to do it without my husband. I run my own business so am very busy and feel overwhelmed by everything. Just want to give up and run away


Gosh, that is so sad to hear. Can’t offer any advice as I was widowed 6 weeks ago but sending love. Xxx why are our lives so hard ? Yet others seem to sail through?

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@Fil100 Hi there, and welcome to the site, a sad welcome but a welcome none the less. I feel like I want to run away sometimes as well, then I think where to, what from? I always find the big numbers and anniversaries have an impact on how I feel, and feeling overwhelmed by work and commitments very much takes its toll and I find myself refocusing on my loss. It’s a very difficult path we’ve been put on but I try to help myself by reflecting on how far I have come since that first day. Sometimes I feel like I can take whatever life throws at me now, other times I’m not so sure. This site is a good place to talk about things with people that understand

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Hi @Fil100,

I know how you feel. It is truly ghastly.

It will be two years come January since my lovely Christine died. I have found it increasingly difficult to deal with the living nightmare that is my grief as the months have passed. That you “get over it” and “time heals” etc seem facile to me. My hope is to somehow reach an accommodation with grief whereby I can carry on living some sort of life rather than the living nightmare that is the now I subsist in. How to do that is hidden from me.

That you have managed to cope with your grief while also running your business is amazing. I have no doubt that is has been extremely difficult and at times seemingly impossible but nether the less that is what you have done. Maybe you just struggle on doing what you do and gradually you will get to know your grief better and so it will become less debilitating? I don’t know.

Whatever, the folk on this forum have an intimate understanding of grief and are very supportive. Welcome.

Best wishes.