Nearly 3 years...Still struggling

I’m 28, I lost my Dad nearly 3 years ago now and I’m still struggling. I’ve had numerous blocks of counselling sessions. I think about him every day. At least a few times a day. On things he is missing out on. Feeling that it is unfair he hasn’t seen my new house or that he won’t meet my Children. I’m started to get frustrated that people think I should be ‘OK’ now when I’m not and I’m still struggling to accept his death after all the help I’ve been given.

Hi KLS3004 and welcome to our Online Community.

I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your dad and that you’re still finding it so difficult to accept - I’m sure many people here will tell you that 3 years is no time at all and that there is no set timeframe for being “OK”.

Please do have a read through some of the other threads in our Loss of a Parent section, and perhaps join in where you find you have feelings in common with others - I’m sure you’ll find it helpful chatting with others who understand what you’re going through.

take care

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