Nearly been a year.

It’s been a year next month since I lost my mum to Cancer.
I’m 26 and never lost anyone before, so my mum was the first one, I think at first it came as a huge shock and didnt really settle in my brain that she has gone.

It’s now nearly a year and it’s all of a sudden hit me, that shes gone, no more texts, no more phone calls, no more visits and trips out to the fish shop.

I get so upset most nights because I wish I’d of said more at the end, I dont really know how to cope with my emotions when it comes to this, I’ve never lost anyone before and I’m not too sure how I’m ever gonna feel better?

Hi Dorose. A year is not long. I lost my wife in 2018 and where 2019 went I just don’t know. Time can have strange effects in grief. Delayed grief is very common, and while some can begin to grieve soon after, others may take a while before the enormity of what has happened sinks in. You cope with your emotions by allowing them to come. You may have been bottling up emotions for the past year. Our reasons for doing this are complex, but it happens so often. If I tell you that it does get better, bit by bit will you believe me when you feel as you do? I too almost gave up at first, but I’m still here. I do have spells of grief, but after 20 months there is an improvement. Take heart. Your mum would not want you feeling sad. Blessings and try and be kind to yourself. John.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m so sorry to hear about your wife too. Sending thoughts your way!

I’m hoping it does get better, I think your right, I think I was so in shock for a while that now its hit me and hit me hard - it’s such a hard thing to go through, knowing you’ll never see someone again, I just cant seem to understand how xx