Nearly blew up the neighbourhood....

Ok, so. I am in the process of selling another flat, this time, the one Tom owned. The garage was full of stuff, all of it needed to be cleared out. A clearance company came this week and pulled all of it out, save 3 calor gas cannisters and jerry can of petrol for the lawnmower - things they could not take. I researched where to take these things, and the cannisters could go to the local tip. I booked a slot. Drove to the garage. I had not realised that a full cannister of gas would be so heavy. Friends, I heaved that thing into the boot of my car. Nearly did my back in. I was pretty stressed and drove away, wondering why my reversing camera was showing the leaves of the trees on the other side of the garages. As I drove up the road, I saw on the dashboard that the tailgate was open. I thought that meant I hadn’t fully closed the boot. I pulled over… to find that I had forgotten to close the boot altogether… If I had gone further and had to break suddenly, these cannisters would have made like bouncing bombs… I shut the boot. Took a deep breath. Drove to the recycling centre. Drove home. Rested my back. Can recommend Tiger Balm. I go again, like we all do, tomorrow. Hold tight, keep posting, people! We have got each other and we all have got this x


I hope your back is better now. You are lucky that you can drive. I cannot transport the rubbish to our local tip using public transport. Sending love and hugs.

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Great post, Vancouver. Thankyou. As you rightly say we go again.


Omg this made me laugh out loud! The bouncing bomb did it for me lol. This is something I would do. Well done for doing all this selling and moving! It sounds like it’s been full on for you at the moment. How long till you can ease up and rest?


Thank you, @Ali29 - I laughed about it, too - afterwards! I am hoping this second sale will go through early next month and then in August, I am heading back to the mountains, to see what the workmen have done there. There are many lovely walks and I have a good network of friends - so that’s my downtime, I hope. That is as long as the workmen have not completely destroyed the kitchen as they work on the water pipes… :grimacing: Here’s hoping this week will be a bit easier for all of us and the Sunday scaries stay away. Loads of love, everyone, keep going x


@Annaessex - all this is hard, isn’t it? Every step on the road, a challenge, an endurance. Some days, we triumph. Some days, we crawl to bed early and shut the curtains on the world. Thank you for your support and encouragement on here for me, it means the world. Keep going, we walk together on this road.