Need a bit of help

I don’t know where to turn I lost my dad 15 weeks ago and my mom a week today. Every thing is chaos I’ve tried my hardest to be strong for my siblings I’ve text them apped them asking if they need anything. Talk chat a hug I don’t get a reply. The only reply was a picture of the death certificate and that she’s having a cheap and cheerful funeral I’m so lost. I don’t know if I’ve done anything wrong just feels like I’ve been cut a drift


So sorry for your lost. Stay strong…
I lost my hubby 2 weeks ago, 30 y of marriage, it’s so hard, feel so empty, lost. Just think one day at the time…that’s what I’m trying to do.


Hi @Ozzydave
Sorry to hear your siblings are being so difficult with you :pensive:, it must be very distressing for you to be dealing with the sad loss of both of your parents, have you asked your siblings why they’re acting distant with you?
Sending hugs of support.