Need help and advice

I need some advice
I lost my soulmate in April its my birthday Tomorrow the first one without her my housing association want to do a gas safety check tomorrow I rang them and told them I can’t do tomorrow their response was they are going to cap the meter and cut my gas of I’m 54 have copd I am high risk of getting seriously ill if I get covid I have mental health issues I’m barely functioning as it is and come tomorrow I will have no gas which means no hot water to wash my hands with the woman today said they would have written to me I told her as they know I have no access to post as my mailbox is in a communal area and padlocked from the last tenant I have been trying to get that sorted with them for the last two years I don’t know what to do I’m at my wits end if I didn’t have my pets I would just end it

Casey, I know that these dates are important to us but is it worth all the trouble. They should have given you a alternative day and I am sure a phone call in the morning with a smile on your face may work. You sound cross and I can understand why, grieving as well, it’s just makes life horrible. Deep breath and think about getting through each day, you know you are strong than this. Try smiling and telling yourself ‘I can do this’ hard but it does help. Take care, always thinking of you. S xxxx

@SusieM hi Susie thanks but I have to go get the pets food tomorrow so I can’t wait in all day for them and I know tomorrow is going to be tough the flat is a mess I’m barely functioning each day all I manage to do is take care of the pets and no the woman I spoke to said she is not allowed to arrange another day and that I will have to call the housing association tomorrow and speak to the gas safety team I’m going to have to stay up all night to make sure I call them first thing my brother in law is in hospital seriously ill with covid something in his lungs has ruptured they can’t operate because he has copd and is too high risk I don’t want my sister to go through what I am

Oh my goodness, what else can go wrong for you and your family. I really don’t know what else to say because things can’t get worse for you. Your pets are very important, I have a cat and she is a big part of my life. Please look after yourself and take care. Bless you. S xx

@SusieM thankyou susie i called them back im just going to let them do it tomorrow im not angry just frustrated they have no compassion or understanding of grief

I don’t think anyone understands grief unless there in our shoes. I never thought I would get through today without my husband here on my 60th I did. I know it’s so hard I’m 16 months in I never thought I would last a day without Mick but I have. You learn to live without them it’s a different life you can do this. So sorry your brother is ill I hope he makes a speedy recovery. I won’t say happy Birthday because it isn’t a happy day. Get through tomorrow as best you can and that’s another day gone
Take care x

@Kim5 hi Kim thanks I will try my best to just do what I have to tomorrow and get through the day hopefully if they come early enough I can still pick up the pets food take care x

Hi @Casey1. You are feeling totally overwhelmed today. Just take each minute one at a time. Just the moment of ‘now’ will gradually get you through the day. Life can feel too big to handle, Talk to Pauline and tell her you are getting things sorted. As my sister told me when my husband died - there will always be someone to help you, and she was right.
I will be thinking of you on your birthday as these ‘firsts’ aren’t easy but you will survive.
Love and light.x

Just hope things turn out for you today Casey. Wish I could just give you a comforting hug. Sometimes life is overbearing. I used to work for a housing association and they are heartless. What rubbish to say they can’t do another day. What would they do if you were on holiday?
My love and thoughts are with you.

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Dear Casey, Thinking of you to day I wish I could comfort you and I understand why you are frustrated hopefully it will be sorted early in the morning. Your thoughts are always with Pauline, I miss my husband every second of every minute can not distract my self with any thing, it is so hard. I know you will be talking to Pauline, cuddle your babies and as you say you will try your best today. So sorry that your brother-in-law is so poorly I hope he will recover soon.

Thinking of you

Dear Casey as we travel down this lonely road things that would not usually bother us suddenly become huge problems to solve.
We have to deal with them weather we want to or not , please think about your underlying health issues first and what the consequences would be if you had no heating or hot water .
I’m sure your soulmate wouldn’t want you getting in a state over these things so do it for them and continue to make them more proud of you than they already are .
One step at a time and deal with one issue at a time make things easy on yourself you deserve that much at least .
You will get through this we will get through it together .
Take care and Im Sure things will get sorted .
Kind regards Karen :two_hearts:

@Angiejo2 @jack10 @Kazzer hi ladies I was feeding my pets when the intercom went also had a missed call on my phone I couldn’t get either because of my ocd I finished feeding the pets checked my phone the missed call was at 10 52 they were meant to come between 12 and 5 so I missed them and they have cut my gas of so no hot water or heating I have been on the phone to them in a queue for 40 minutes now

Hi Casey, what has happened is adding to such a difficult day for you to cope with, I really feel for you.
Sending you hugs x

Casey I hope you managed to get through the day today
Take care x

Kim I am not going to say many happy returns because I know we will never be totally happy again so I will just say welcome to the 60 club :tada: :birthday::champagne: I know it will have been hard for you without Mick on such a special day but once again you have managed to survive another special date in the Calendar and come through the other side :+1:t3: well done Mrs xx

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Casey - thinking of you today. Please let us all know that you are ok. I hope you managed to get things sorted.

@Jules4 @Kazzer @jack10 @Angiejo2 @Kim5 hi ladies it’s been a crap day as I expected it to be the heating people are meant to be coming out on Wednesday now to do safety check and reconnect my gas so no hot water till then I didn’t need that stress today I have been sitting here sobbing I broke down crying and howling I just want her back I love and miss her so very much she is my heart my soul my everything I know I can’t have her back but that doesn’t stop me wanting her but I’m still here getting through the day and hopefully doing her proud thats all I can do for her now look after our pets and do her proud I have never missed or longed for anyone as much as I am for pauline it will be 19 weeks tomorrow how can that be already it still feels like yesterday and everyday feels so long take care ladies x

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thank you surviving we certainly do. Hope your doing ok as can be x

hi, day by day. You got through today on your birthday and everything going wrong, Pauline would be proud of you.
Take care

@Kim5 hi Kim thanks that’s all we can do you know mick would be so proud of you take care x

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