Need someone to talk to

I witnessed seeing my mum die in front of me in 2020. I would like some people to talk to. I hope everyone is doing okay.


@Janice22 it can help to write your experience down in this forum. There are lots of caring people here who have witnessed similar trauma and will no doubt offer a response. Best wishes xx

Thank you. I will do that, it is very hard for me remembering that awful day.


Hi @Janice22
That must of been very traumatic for you to go through. We cared for my mom at home when she was dieing of brain tumors, & there are things you can’t un-see, so I can understand how such traumatic situation can affect you. Sending hugs of support.


You’ve come to the right place, Janice. Everyone cares, and understands, here :yellow_heart:.


It will be a bit hard but knowing i am not alone helps quite a lot. Being on this helps me. I have no one that understands what i am going through as i also suffer from epilepsy and my mum was always there for me. I miss her so much it was a real shock seing her die in front of me. I will try to write my feelings about that day hopefully. I know it has been four years in July 19th when she died. It just doesn,t feel that long. Hope everyone is doing alright.


Hi Janice,
I understand how you are feeling. I was with my mum when she passed and cared for her 24/7 for the 5 weeks and watched her determination. You will never ever forget many of the things that you saw or happened. It was very upsetting for me as it was for you. I look upon it as a privilege that I was there with her at the end but it’s only lately that I have started to think like that.It was 15 months ago she passed so it’s taken a while for me to think like that and even write that. Just knowing she knew I was right by her side at the end helps me so much and I also feel so lucky I was there as so many people don’t get the chance.
Keep posting on here because we are all grieving and all have different stories and ways that we have found to help ease the worst days.
Everyone needs help of some kind going through this horrible journey so reach out by posting and I am sure other people will respond soon. No one judges anyone and the lovely positive comments and friendship I have received from everyone on here has helped me do much.
Sending love to you
Deborah xxx


I’m so sorry for your loss @Janice22 and how that’s affected you then and now. I was with my Dad when he passed away in hospital just before Christmas, after a short illness. It was/am so sad but I feel privileged to have been there with him and I hope he knew I was and it helped him pass peacefully.
Have you had or thought about having any counselling, to help you work through such difficult memories or do you have any close friends or family you can speak to? Grief is so hard and there’s no time limit to needing to talk things through. This is an amazing site for support. Sending lots of :heart:

Hi Janice I was with my mum as she died 3 weeks ago feel free to message me to chat at all x

I am so sorry for your loss. It is terrible witnessing your mum die in front of you
All the best

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I been coming here a lot recently. Not been a member long, lost my mum last August. Mum died in hospital, so was spared that trauma. It’s hard losing a parent as you know the big loss. All you can do is live day to day.

I know how lonely and isolating parental death can be I lost both of mine within 18 months of each other, being an only child I have no close family to turn too, it’s a long road by yourself and sometimes you just need someone who has gone through similar to sound off too. If you ever want to rant and say all the stuff you feel might sound daft out loud too feel free x

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Thank You Louise, I do have a sister but not really close. Mum bought me up from 8 so I kinda only had mum in my life. Now I dont, so we not that different.

I witnessed my mums passing in November last year. She was my best friend and i was her carer as she had dementia. I understand how hard it is. Im trying to carry on but its so hard.
It is a trauma and im trying to be kind to myself. I hope you are ok xxxx

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I am so sorry for your loss i know what you are going through. With my mum it was a total shock i didn’t expect it. She was just dying in front of me. I miss her so much it has been three years.