Neglected myself

Today I was treated to an hour’s reflexology - I was able to “switch off” while concentrating on my breathing
Since lockdown & loss of hubby, I know I have neglected myself but after a chat at the salon, Im going to be kind to myself more often.
Not a cure or an answer but a welcome respite and to take pride in me again.
G. X


Glad you enjoy your relaxing afternoon of reflexology.
I made me think of my husband, when I used to get home from busy day at work, he would often say give me your feet. He was so brilliant at foot massage, I really miss that.

I’ve started to do meditation using videos off YouTube, it does help with getting a state of calmness. But I find the sleep ones don’t work for me.

Carry on being kind to yourself
Debbie X

That’s great, Grandma. I’m glad it helped you X

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Thankyou for your reply.
I used to say to Ian - I’m off to the beautician - his reply every time was - - you’ll be a while then!
I miss the silly things we’d say to each other.
I’m watching Diana Ross just now - Ian’s favourite - brings back lovely memories. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Please be kind to yourself also.
Kath. X


That’s great, I love a bit of Diana Ross, especially in the Supremes. I think it’s important to share stories about our loved ones, as it keeps them alive. Hope you enjoy the rest of your evening and be kind to yourself also Xx


It’s finding a way to be kind to ourselves that is so hard to do. I’m not very good at it, but I can see it’s a way to lay a place in our heads and hearts to begin to accept, slowly, slowly what we can’t change. It definitely helps to remember, though it doesn’t feel like it when I’m feeling at my worst (a lot of the time) that I don’t have to beat myself up, it’s ok to enjoy something. Doesnt even have to be much at all, maybe actually enjoying a tv programme or a book when for a little while we step out of the grieving and have moments of respite and not then feeling somehow guilty. It’s a start on the roller coaster of coping. Xx


Our daughter who kindly treated me said : mum you just need a wee jump-start.
We laughed when I asked if I had turned into an old banger??

We definitely all need some TLC on this rollercoaster journey.

G. Xx

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