Never changes sorry

Tomorrow is 8 months since my beautiful wife Nancy died.

My friends have been fantastic and helped me get here.

Tonight one of them had a beer with me , as for me the month anniversary hurts.

He has left and as I sit here the space opposite me is empty which Nancy would have filled.

Not his fault but boy it hurts.

But I have leant one thing on this forum, we have of course a common theme.

But I was so lucky I had 33 years with Nancy , I am upset but I can see here opposite me tonight.

Because she was once and I love that…

So my message tonight is I know some of you never had the time we had but just think about the time you had as no one can take that away.

Be that day I’m a shitty pub, a beautifully view or in a hospital it is yours.

Take care Andy


Andy, I love your post and like you I say we had 45 years together but it wasn’t long enough. I am further down the road of grief but count each week, each month and think when will I stop, answer I don’t think I ever will.
Enjoy each day looking for things to smile at, the young lad who lost his hat at the top of a wall full of scaffolding or my cat asleep in the sun. That’s just this morning.
S xxx