Never ending

Over 2 years since I lost my beloved Husband and Father within 8 weeks of each other. I have no motivation. If I have to go out I do, with no enthusiasm. I would rather be at home. I just sit, feeling numb and empty. My home is a mess and I don’t care. Only complete chores when I have to. Just numb, my mind has closed.


You sound very sad xxx
Its funny cos I only just managed to do the weeding in gardens first time in 9months since mum left.
It was like honestly I just couldn’t get it done, I think somehow that things are subconscious like I always used to send her pics of the gardens when I done them etc…
I’m a single mum so I’ve just got on with it was even working after a few days doing jobs, I dunno I am just gliding through but maybe if you do a bit here and there and then take a Pic and show your husband like he’s there…
I always feel better after a good clean and airing (the house not me :joy:)