New and need help

Not sure what I’m doing anymore. In march my children’s dad died. 9 days later my mum died. 6days after that my fiance died . I could not go to the funerals of my ex or my mum because they were both in Australia, could not support my children or my family properly as I was with my fiance here in the UK in his final days. Since this happened I have no one to talk to as everyone is dealing with their own grief about these people. I am finding everyday is getting harder to cope . I just don’t know how to get help.


Oh @Law, that is truly tragic.

No wonder you feel bereft.

There are sources of help available on this site and I’m sure one of the support volunteers will be along to point you in the right direction if you’re struggling to find them.

Do you have anyone here in the UK that you can lean on ?

In the meantime, keep posting here and “talk” to us.

So sorry for your losses.

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Hello @Law, I’m so sorry for the losses you have endured. Losing three important people in such a short space of time and not being able to say goodbye must be so difficult. I am glad you have found our community and hope it will be a support to you.

You aren’t sure where to get support so I wanted to share a few options with you. We offer free bereavement support, including online counselling which is held via video chat. We also offer our Grief Coach text service. You can find out more about our bereavement support here:

You might also want to make an appointment with your GP to discuss what other options might be available to you.

Please do keep reaching out - you are not alone.


I’m so sorry for your losses @Law, you must be overwhelmed. I do hope you may find some support - just wanted to send you hugs xx

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