New girl.

Good morning all. I have just joined. I am hoping to gain help and support from you all. Briefly my husband of almost 30 years suffered heart problems and within 20 hours died . To say I am heart broken is an understatement. I feel that being able to connect with others in my position would perhaps help me and others. As my first post I feel that I can’t as yet give out all my pain but friends I would love to connect with you all. Much love Ruthie53 xx

Hello Ruthie,

I always think it’s inappropriate to use the words “Welcome to the forum” because, in truth, none of us wanted to be in the situation which qualifies us to belong.
Nevertheless, you have come to a place where we all understand the pain of loss, and where, for that reason, sympathy for your loss is complete and genuine. You will find some comfort and support here.
Keep reading, and post when you feel like it.

My beloved wife died 128 days ago. That’s her in my profile photo.

Morning sorry for your loss. This forum has been a good help to me I lost my partner suddenly in May to a heart attack he was only 48. I would advice you to post how you are feeling. We are all in this horrible position.
Christine x

Hi Ruthie53
Welcome. I would read this forum, then tentatively I joined and still couldn’t bring myself to reply to anyone, never having done anything like this before. At last I gave it a try and found it most helpful. This is one place that we all understand exactly what you are going through. Friends and relatives are well meaning but do seem to become bored after a week or two and you have to keep your grief under wraps on the outside world, just grieve alone indoors. Now I can communicate with people that understand the meaning of raw grief and I am so grateful. So do keep communicating, you might start crying as you write to us but we all understand.

Hello BeBe,
I’m sorry that you have had to join our club, it’s not what any of us have chosen. I can understand just how you are feeling, it’s all to raw. Our story is so similar, I too was married for 30 years, and my loss was very sudden. It’s been 7 1/2 months now and I miss my husband for and more. We had a great relationship, he was my absolute my friend. I can’t always post as it gets too difficult to voice my feelings of sadness and anger. But I always read the posts from the group, it really does help, not that I want others to suffer, but I also don’t want to be the only one, if that makes any sense. I’m still struggling but if I can be of support and help in any way, I would be happy too.
And that goes for anyone out there.
Best wishes
Lesley x

Hello Ruthie so very sorry for your loss. I lost my husband 9 weeks ago and I have been so thankful for this forum. We all know what you are going through. Write as much or as little as you want, as and when you want to, rant if you want to at the injustice of being in the situation you’re in. If any of us can offer support then we will. Believe me you’re amongst a unique group of friends. xx

Hi Ruthie
Just want to say,I know how you feel,connect when you are ready.Lost my husband suddenly last March,he was 59.The pain stays,the fear comes in waves,the love grows stronger.It,s how we survive through it that let’s us know how far we are moving ,thinking of you and everyone on here xx

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