New Home and move

I know I post some odd posts and am extremely lucky to own 3 houses. This house I live in I hate as the memories are awful as he was ill here and I watched him deteriorate here. I feel much more at peace in the other 2 as they only have happy memories. My friend said to me today how do you feel about moving to your old house as we got married from there I am fine as all my memories are happy ones . I know I am lucky to have this but it doesnt take way the pain I feel day after day. Going to stay over in my new house tomorrow looking forward and scared at the same time. Have to say a awful few months his birthday , our wedding anniversary and now Christmas. Think what I miss is the preparing for Christmas I am really lucky my brother is taking me to The Lakes but it wont be the same. So sorry for rambling!

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Dear @Heather56

There is no need to apologise, this forum is here for chatting away about everything. Better than bottling it all up. I do hope you had a good night in your new home, and everything went better than expected. New beginnings, new memories and with with the memories you had with your husband will always remain in your heart. Hopefully one day you will start preparing for Christmas again, every bauble tells a story and recalls a memory you shared together.

I do hope you have a lovely time with your brother in the Lakes. Please continue to reach out and chat any time.

Take care.