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Hi everyone, I am pleased to have found this community.
My husband died in December after a short illness.
He had been ill since October we thought it was flu, tested for Covid (negative) and he was treated for a chest infection. After been sent for a chest X-ray which didn’t look good we came home but he was admitted to hospital that night. 24 November. He seemed ok but a couple of days later he had a stomach bleed and they rushed him to surgery. They repaired an artery but kept him asleep. They found he had lymphoma which along with his organs failing was untreatable.
He didn’t really come round and died on 6 December. We had a 14 year old son so I have
had to keep going. I have managed to keep going and I am working which I enjoy.
I just can’t imagine been without him for the next 20 plus years it wasn’t the plan :cry:

Hi Mrs p1
So sorry to hear about your loss and the situation you find yourself in
I lost my husband April 2020 to covid but he had been unwell for several years He alsohad lymphoma went into remission but suffered side effects from the treatment ending up with severe copd. Like yourself I never thought I would end up with a future like this It’s not one I would have ever wanted I see it stretching ahead full of emptiness and loneliness
It’s this loneliness which has to be faced every day
I’m glad you found this site as everyone on here will understand how you feel as we are all experiencing it for ourselves
Take care
Christine x

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