New move

Moving house tomorrow my hubby passed away 8 months ago I keep strong for kids I paint on a brave face for kids because it’s my job to show them I’m strong for them I feel that I can’t have emotional days because I don’t know how to show anyone that I’m really struggling with loosing him I hide and cry :sob: alone I don’t like showing anyone my weaknesses I’ve been like this forever

I’m moving home and this was the last place we had our last moments together it might seem silly to some but sometimes I just can still feel that his presence is here will I have that at the new house
I know memories will last forever but it just feels emotional :sob:
My last hug from him was here :broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart: has anyone been through this ?

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Yes, you summed up I how I feel, stay strong , in company, then collapse, when on your own. I had to move, given no choice, it was a place of happy memories, but also the place, where I had the final goodbye, we move on, never really at rest. I hope your move , brings some comfort.
Take care.

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Yes, my husband died in September. At the moment I am in France selling the little house we had together as our bolt hole. We have lived part time here for 22 years and I feel as if it’s just another slice of my life being cut off, but I have to do it, can’t afford it anymore and can’t face making the 13 hr journey on my own.
In the spring I will probably be selling our home of 33 years to move to a new town nearer to our son. We had already decided to do this together but now I have to do it alone.
It just feels as if my life has fallen apart and I’m having to scavenge about to find enough pieces to build a new one. We were going to replace our bed went we decorated our bedroom, a brass bedstead, very popular in the 80s when we married but we never quite got round to it. Now I will keep it, replace to slats and the matress but the bed will be the one we shared all our married life, it will be like taking home with me.
Good luck with your move. Have some fun planning what you will do with your new home and take some of your old one with you as the heart of it. X

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19 months without her, seems like 19 years, time drags. Shell loved Winnie the pooh, had a lot of memorabilia of him, it is here with me. A lot of stuffed Winnie teddies, share my bedroom. 4 year old Granddaughter plays with them. Hope the sale goes well, another heartache.
Take care.

Dear MJ786, I am sorry for you loss.

Showing your emotions is not a weakness and the loss of your husband is still very very raw. I am pleased you have joined this community as it will help you. Talking helps and there are people on here who have been through what you are going through.

There is nothing silly about feeling your husbands presence in your present home and you will do so in your new home. We make memories in our homes but carry the heart of our loved ones in our hearts forever and wherever we go.

Did your husband have a favourite plant in the garden that you can to take to your new home or does he have a favourite plant you can plant in his memory in your new home?

Grief has no time limits, it is a rollercoaster of emotions and you will get through this by taking it one day and one step at a time. Cruse Beareavement Support are very helpful and are on social media and Sue Ryder Oneline Bereavement Counselling Service is available to you. UK residents only.

Take care and good luck with the move and we are here for you and your family always. xx