New to the group

Hi all I am new … my dad passed away in September 2022 and since then I have been struggling. I try and keep busy but sometimes the grief grabs me and I feel like I have lost him all over again I did go for counselling through work but it didn’t help … the world carries on and i feel like I am stuck I miss him so much … all my family are abroad so it’s not possible to go see family and talk about it.


I’m sorry for your loss & there are just no words at this time. I too lost my dad 6 weeks ago and I’m struggling. Grief is a horrible thing to encounter & it’s hard when everyone min life can simply carry on and this I find a struggle too. Modt of my family abroad too & it’s hard. Thinking about you

Hi @Wtp72 and @Michelle2774

My heart breaks for your loses. I’m also heartbroken and know that life will never be the same. I lost mum 9 weeks ago and dad just 5 days ago. I’m deverstated and struggling with the grief. I’m mad the world continues when my beautiful parents are no longer here.

Sending my wishes and support for your healing. Keep posting and reaching out as it helps to know others are there.

Take care. It’s early days for me so I’m focusing on the most basic things. Eating and sleeping and crying. R x


Sending you hugs rob - my heart breaks for you. I’m so so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs and wishes xx

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So sorry for all your losses, I lost my mum 3 months ago to cancer, she was a fighter and had fought it for 26 years untill she no longer had any fight left. It was a big shock that it had come back and was terminal after 2 years being clear, she was my best friend we did everything together and now she has gone and I’m left with this hole in my heart, I joined here back in November when I was at my lowest, I cry myself to sleep most nights as I get to grips with what has happened I miss her so much, I start my bereavement counselling 2 weeks ago and a lot of stuff has resurfaced and feel I’m right back were I started feeling low lying here crying wondering what to do next, I feel so alone at times even though people I’ve spoken to on here have helped I sill feel like I could walk away from my life my home and no one would be bothered, just don’t have the energy anymore to care about anything.

Oh Lisa

I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I can totally understand at how the grief brings you back in time and it feels like you are loosing them all over again. I too struggle to sleep my dad passed September 2022 I was lucky to be with him in his final weeks just sitting by his bed space I had so much I wanted to tell him which I never got to say… it’s so hard loosing a parent you think they’ll be here forever… please be kind to yourself too, have you got friends/other family around to help support you ? I am sending you gentle hugs and shall pray for you too xxxx

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I have older siblings but we don’t share our grief I never bother them about how I’m feeling, I don’t need to worry my dad with my grief he’s 91 and dealing with his own he misses her so much we talk about mum and I fight back the tears by putting a wall up, I have a cousin who I’ve told everything too and she understands how I’m feeling I also have been supported on here but I still feel along I just want my mum x