new to this

I lost my wife of 42yrs just before christmas. She had AIH, needed transplant, not a chance. I don’t know how to feel going forward as there is so much emptiness. Yet someone feels that they are into me through chatting and I am scared of everything. I have support of my daughters, with the warning of being careful, due to being vulnerable. This lady is very beautiful and yes, to say the least I am sceptical about intentions, as not worried over my age - I AM! as my daughter is almost as old as her. What would anyone suggest??

Hi Mungo i would take your daughters advice you are still in the grieving process and i agree with your daughter you are very vunerable as we all are you must be careful its ok to talk to people as you need that but its a sad world out there where there are people who do prey on the vunerable
take your life slowly do not rush forward too quickly

listen to your daughter and take care