new type of phraseology

i have just encountered a new type of phraseology which has brought all the loss and pain back .
My dad died recently .My sister stated ‘when his body will be released ’ the funeral director states he hasnt been delivered yet and he is being prepared’ It brought it all back to me . Hes dead . I stated to the funeral director ‘hasnt he turned up yet ?’ which sounds like i think he can do it on his own and is still alive . Another wave of grief flooded me . I am going in the next two days to see him on my own at the funeral palour .Hardest journey ever


Thinking of you :heart: @chiara, I can understand why that would upset you, you are not alone we are all here for you , sending you all the love and strength :heart: xxxx

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so sorry. I went through all of this.

so glad it has been several years. it was surreal a nightmare. a NIGHTMARE.

you are not alone. wishing you the best. :heartpulse:

today i went to see my dad on my own. It was traumatic . From first seeing the coffin and then seeing dad inside . It didnt look like dad. I dont know if he aged quick due to heart failure but it really didnt look like him . I wanted to say to Funeral Director Ok wheres my dad . Dad looked horrendous . They dressed him in a satin gown as they said he had retained fluids and his clothes weren 't big enough . It just didnt look like my dad . I was a complete wreck . I walked out sobbing and sobbing and walked through street like until i found somewhere to sit and just sobbed in street. After a while my mother walked past . I shouted to her and she carried on walking . Did she hear or not not sure .i felt so alone and abandoned and heart broken. Another new phrase i have learnt from the funeral director He stated ‘hes at peace’ I suppose he is and i am a heart broken wreck

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