New year new start...and guilty as heck

I lost my mum in October, three past 3/4 months have been a mix of trying to cope with living day to day
Christmas was tough and new years was even worse
I just can’t stop feeling guilty that we are moving forward and feel like we are leaving mum in the year 2023, I can’t stop thinking she’d feel sad that we are doing this, how do I stop those feelings? Xx


Hi @Charlie-695

I lost my mum on 15 Nov 23. The festive period was really hard and new year was very emotional. I felt the same that I was leaving her behind. I lost dad suddenly last friday. Now I’m comsumed with guilt about him and feel like mum is playing second. Such a mix of emotions. Grief is a cruel beast that plays with our minds and makes us doubt ourselves.

Our parents always wish for us to continue living beyond them and to be happy. They wouldn’t want us to be consumed by guilt or sadness. I’m trying to remember the good times whilst my heart is shattered into a million pieces. It’s so hard though. I miss them so much.

Be kind to yourself. Rob x