New year without my Mum

Hi I’m kerry i sadly lost my mum on the 30th November 2021 and she lost her battle with cancer and pneumonia. I’m finding it hard at night going to sleep and having bad thoughts every night before bed. I was so close to my mum and I’m feeling sad everyday. We had my mum’s funeral on 21st December 2021. But since the funeral has gone I’m finding it hard to concentrate and focus everyday and feeling low. I have close family and friends with me all the time but sometimes all you want my mum.


Hi Kerry, mums are special people in our lives and missing them is natural because nothing can replace them. What a horrible time to lose her and then the funeral so near Christmas, non of that will help you.
Take your time and be kind to yourself, small steps on this road are the only to deal with how you feel. We are all here for you and know how you feel. Take care Sxxx

Hi kerry,

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your mum and having had my mum’s funeral on the 20th Dec 2021 I feel for you totally,

I am a total mess and because none of my other family are close without her I am so lost and lonely.

Like so many I can’t sleep or relax and can’t see a way forward. The texts and calls have now all stopped. I thought I was getting away on holiday in February but that’s now not happening for various reasons :disappointed: x

I can’t always promise to cheer you up but I can lend an empathetic ear x

I’m sorry for your loss I lost my mum on the 13th December due to cancer. Like you I’m struggling to sleep and when I do I’m dreaming about my mum. It’s not the same anymore I miss my mum so much


Lou5 Thankyou it’s hard not to think about her everyday but some people don’t understand how you feel. Also I was so close to my mum best friends basically.


Susie123 Thankyou my mum was my world and I done everything I could for her. We were like best friends it’s so hard without her and some people don’t understand how I feel without her

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I was the same with my mum only time we were apart if one of us was at work. My mum was my world


Kerry, so many people have no idea what it’s like to loss that special person. I remember very well one person asking me how it felt, I could not answer and I still would find it impossible to answer. Until you have been there I don’t think it’s possible to understand the pain and the effect it has on your life. We change because of it and we cannot go back. You will get through no matter how hard and difficult life seems, just keep smiling. Sxx

Thankyou at the moment life seems hard but hopefully it will get better day by day